I planned to deliver my baby naturally for many years before I even became pregnant. When I found out I was pregnant August of 2009, the plan became very real and I began preparing. It became apparent that the majority of people (family and close friends included) thought I was crazy. I found myself surrounded with negative stories of pain and agony. I wanted something different for myself, so I kept my plans to deliver naturally a secret from just about everyone. I searched in vain for more positive and uplifting natural birthing stories but didn't find much. I learned after delivering my first baby naturally in March of 2010 that only 1% of hospital deliveries are un-medicated on purpose.

I created this blog as a way to house natural childbirth stories in one place. Un-medicated childbirth, though it may be unpopular, is another option that women sometimes exclude because they think they could never do it, and finding support is difficult because so few of their peers have experienced it. I wanted to create this blog as a way to gather the stories of women who chose this option and hear their advice to others.

I've also learned that women defend their choices made as mothers fiercely. No one wants to feel that their choices, or their paths, or their practices, are wrong. This is why I think that this subject comes with such strong opinions. My hope is that this can be a forum to explore the different options for childbirth with sensitivity and diplomacy embracing every woman's choice. I truly believe that there isn't one way better than another, they are simply just different. Hopefully, by reading these stories the popular opinion can open up to consider natural childbirth as a viable option again.

Thank you for reading!
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